Instruction For Use of BOHOMED Mercury Free Clinical Thermometer

a.Mercury free clinical thermometer(also called “Gallium thermometer”) is a kind of measuring device for patient’s temperature,and it can be used to measure the temperature of patient’s mouth or armpit or anus.
b.The product is in compliance with EN12470-1:2000+A1:2009. Clinical thermometers-Part 1:Metallic liquid-in glass thermometers with maximum device:
1.the conditions of use:measuring temperature range should be between 35 C to 42 C,and the environment temperature (for mercury free thermometer only)should be20℃to30℃;if the temperature for storage is less than 20 C,please put the thermometers in the temperature 20 C to 30 C for at least 1-2 hours or 30 C to 35 C for ten minutes before use or test.
2.The temperature must be less than 42 ‘C when it is stored and transported;
3.Disposal of the thermometer:after use,swing the metallic liquid down,then cleaning it and put it plastic case to avoid any damage.

Notice for swing:catch the tail part of the thermometer by thumb and forefinger tightly and carefully,swing the thermometer lightly several times until the liquid down.
b.Operation procedures
1.The liquid colummshall fall below the lowest numbered scale mark before use,then clean and disinfect the clinical thermometer in medical alcohol or put on a disinfected plastic tube.
2.Be careful to put it below the tongue of patients if measuring oral position and tell them to close their mouth tightly.
3.A clinical thermometer for rectal use is applied some lubricator before inserting it in the anus.
4.Be careful to put it below the armpit of patients if measuring armpit position and tell them to tight it tightly.
Please read the number of the clinical thermometer about 5 minutes after above measuring steps.
1.It is not suitable to use oral clinical thermometers for not more than ten years’children;
2.Warn patients against chewing,speaking and playing when the clinical thermometers are below the tongue of patients;
3.Need to let sick children lie quietly and help them to hold another end of the clinical thermometers for rectal use in case it is inserted too deep,or it slips from the anus.
4.Avoid having a bath,eating or smoking half an hour before taking body temperature;
5.It is not designed for special applications (e.g.thermometers for premature babies,ovulation thermometers);
6.Inspect the clinical thermometer once a year.
d.Disposal of the Clinical thermometers
The metallic liquid is an alloy consisting of gallium,indium and tin. this clinical thermometer should be handled with care.In particular, care should be taken to avoid dropping the instrument or treating it in any way that could result in damage.When the clinical thermometers are broken,cleaning split metallic liquid by a damp cloth with soap suds.
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